Friday, January 04, 2008

New Mobile MythTv Packages

Feedbacks and bug report are welcome.

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I tried the Mobile MythTV packages, and they do manage to list the recordings and channels on my MythTV server.

I installed gms and dependencies from source (building Debian packages with the included debian directories), and the gstreamer mythtvsrc works fine, but gmencoder seems to fail. I ran it with exactly the same arguments gms launches it with, and I just get a continuous stream of "PROGRESS:3" messages.

$ gmencoder --video-encode theoraenc --video-opts quality=30,sharpness=2 --video-fps 10 --video-width 240 --video-height 144 --audio-encode vorbisenc --audio-opts managed=true --mux-element oggmux -i file:///path/to/a/video.mpg -o file:///tmp/foo

** (gmemcoder:2611): WARNING **: Lowest allowed bitrate is 6000

Also, I ran into numerous build issues:

* gmyth wants /etc/lsb_release, and assumes chinook if not present; however, /etc/lsb_release no longer exists. Just run "lsb_release -c" instead.

* Numerous missing build-dependencies. Please consider building in pbuilder (or similar, such as qemubuilder) to ensure that you do not miss build-dependencies which already exist on your system.

* The "svn co" commands given on the wiki no longer work; the URLs have changed.

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