Thursday, October 22, 2009

PySide on Fremantle

Hello everybody,

Due some problems with gcc-4.2 (currently available on Fremantle), we had compile PySide armel packages by ourselves, and that takes some time. Today I generated and uploaded these packages to PySide repository. Instructions to get this running can be found at PySide site at Download section.


Anonymous marcell said...

Could you elaborate on the gcc problems? Or even better, report a bug at

5:20 AM  
Blogger Anderson Lizardo said...

@marcell: the problem is that g++ 4.2 is generating incredibly big binaries for PySide. It is probably related to some sub-optimization of templates (PySide uses boost which is heavily based on C++ templates) on that particular version. The workaround we found was to compile PySide using g++ 4.3 from Debian, but do the final liking using the 4.2 linker (using the 4.3 linker will NOT work).

We tried using the latest codesourcery toolchain at some point, but we had some problems with it and we didn't have time to try again yet.

Also note that the bug is not in Maemo, but on the Scratchbox compilers they use. Simply upgrading to g++ 4.3 would "solve" the problem, but that would require recompiling the entire Maemo with gcc 4.3, which will not happen, I suppose. :(

10:05 AM  

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