Friday, April 06, 2007

Im back

After a long time working on private projects and without post, im back. Now I'm working on gmyth library and gmyth-stream server with Arthur, gmyth-stream is a nice project to provide you access your desktop media using your 770/n800 the server will convert requested file to resolution and format necessary for being able to play on your device. Eg. you can watch you HD movie in your device, the server will make a stream of hd movie contents and convert to device format. Now I'm working in gmyth-stream gstreamerer plug-in because the server will work with another tools like memcoder.

About gmyth this is a great library which you can control your mythtv backend, this is very useful with you 770/n800 you can watch and schedule yours mythtv videos and live contents using your device. Together gmyth-stream this is a powerful library you can record and watch a lot of format videos.

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