Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ogre - OpenGL ES Updated

I just sent the OpenGL ES OGRE render system patch to OGRE Patch Tracking System. The code is also available at openbossa git repository.

Ideas and comment are really welcome.

Some features are still missing, like:

* Support to "GL_IMG_vertex_program" extension.

* Support to compressed textures.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Ogre and OpenGL ES

Last month, I spend some time trying to learn OpenGL ES[1] and to practice it, I'm been working on new OGRE[2] render backend to mobile devices. In order to test this, I've used some software OpenGL ES simulation like Vincent[3] and PowerVR[4].

At the moment, I've already got the basics OGRE samples running, but there are some things to be fixed, which I intend to fix on the following weeks.

If someone is interested in this code, send me a e-mail and I can send it back, When everything work well, I will send this to OGRE guys.