Wednesday, May 05, 2010

PySide v0.3.1 (’Knightsbridge’) is now available!

A new version of PySide is now available.

What’s changed since 0.3.0?

With the technical preview release a few weeks ago we moved from a Boost based source code to a CPython one. This move was necessary to reduce our footprint. Now we have the first official release of this new PySide based on Shiboken (CPython) generator. Since the technical preview the main points are:

- Bindings for the last missing modules: Phonon, QtScript, QtScriptTools, QtMaemo5, QtHelp, QtMultimedia, QUiTools and QXmlPatterns;
- Fixed some memory and reference leaks;
- Lots of bugs fixed;
- Revamped documentation.

For more Qt 4.6 information, Qt 4.6 webpage

We hope you enjoy this new release! Feel free to contribute with comments,
bug reports and suggestions.

Packages for Fremantle are available on extra devel repository. More info in PySide webpage.


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