Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Google Summer of Code: PySide under PSF umbrella

PySide was accepted as a project under PSF umbrella. Any student who want to submit ideas related with PySide can contact us, or any PySide mentor, to discuss the ideas and prepare some proposals. Feel free to propose new ideas, do not get stuck only in the current ones be creative and good luck. You can get more information on Python GSoC wiki, PySide GSoC wiki, and #pyside on freenode.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

PySide v0.4.0 ('Alisson') is now available!

The main points of this new release are:

- Massive bugfixing;
- API 2.0 support;
- Mac OS X supported;

At the moment the PySide team is working to get Bindings for QtMobility packaged and released ASAP.

The packages are available on extra devel.
The source code can be fount at: http://www.pyside.org/downloads/

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

PySide v0.3.1 (’Knightsbridge’) is now available!

A new version of PySide is now available.

What’s changed since 0.3.0?

With the technical preview release a few weeks ago we moved from a Boost based source code to a CPython one. This move was necessary to reduce our footprint. Now we have the first official release of this new PySide based on Shiboken (CPython) generator. Since the technical preview the main points are:

- Bindings for the last missing modules: Phonon, QtScript, QtScriptTools, QtMaemo5, QtHelp, QtMultimedia, QUiTools and QXmlPatterns;
- Fixed some memory and reference leaks;
- Lots of bugs fixed;
- Revamped documentation.

For more Qt 4.6 information, Qt 4.6 webpage

We hope you enjoy this new release! Feel free to contribute with comments,
bug reports and suggestions.

Packages for Fremantle are available on extra devel repository. More info in PySide webpage.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

PySide maemo packages

It has been a week since the official PySide 0.2.2 release and we finally finished the Maemo packages, that includes full implementition of Qt 4.6 and the new module QtMaemo5.

The packages are available at extras-devel repository. More instructions on how to install (into device and/or Scratchbox) can be found at PySide website - download section.

The PySide team would like to thank all those who helped on this release, reporting bugs, sending patchs and discussing on irc channel. Also, we would like to invite users and developers to discuss the future of a new PySide "pythonic" API, and help us to produce a powerful Qt binding.

PySide contacts:

WebPage: http://www.pyside.org

irc channel: #pyside at freenode

mailing-list: pyside@lists.openbossa.org

bugzilla: http://bugs.openbossa.org/

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

PySide with Qt-4.6 support

Today the PySide team released a new version of project, with full support for Qt 4.6, including QtMultimedia.

Another great news is support for Mac OS X. The first working package have already been released and you can download it from PySide website.

A package for Fremantle is coming :D

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ogre 3D with OpenGLES render system

Some time ago I start a new implementation of a Ogre OpenGLES render system, to get this running in the future on Maemo devices, I finished this but never get a chance to see this working on Maemo. But now the things have changed and the new Maemo device already have support to OpenGLES, and my code was merged in Ogre mainline, I can go back and start the test but first I need update this to OpenGLES 2.0 because the old code is implemented on OpenGLES 1.0. I will keep you updated about the news and I hope show some videos :D.

Ogre OpenGL render system: http://ogre.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/ogre/trunk/RenderSystems/GLES/src/

Thursday, October 22, 2009

PySide on Fremantle

Hello everybody,

Due some problems with gcc-4.2 (currently available on Fremantle), we had compile PySide armel packages by ourselves, and that takes some time. Today I generated and uploaded these packages to PySide repository. Instructions to get this running can be found at PySide site at Download section.